Monday, January 18, 2010

T4T Cameron a child genius

The video was about a gifted young student named Cameron who inspires people around him with his natural gift with computers. One might think that one could get out of watching this video with Cameron is that not only can a student learn from a teacher, but the teacher can learn from the student as well. In Cameron's case, he is so gifted with computers he can teach a teacher some new things. The video can relate to one's life because we all have our own gifts and if we discover that at a young age we can reach our full potential at those things. The ideas that a teacher can get from this video is to learn from a student. Teachers need to listen and guide a student but at the same time learn from them.

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  1. Learning from our students is so important, as you point out!

    Don't forget to include a link to the video you're reviewing... and starting with week 2 assignments, also embed the video in your post. A screencast about this is available.