Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nafiza and her global data base

The short video with Nafiza was about her using digital skills and while editing creating a virtual world on a computer to help spread global issues. Nafiza is a eighteen year old who has a strong passion with technology and computers.

The take away that one could get from this video is that we are living in a diffirent kind of era as far as technology is concern. People can us technology and virtural reality for a means to learn in a unique kind of way. In this case, Nafiza does a good job of spreading global issues through digital editing and other various forms using diffirent types of computer software. It is neat to see young students learn in a creative way though virutal reality.

The video relates to my life in many kinds of ways. I am some what familiar with digital editing but in this short video I never thought young students like Nafiza could create a virtual world for learning and show global issues.

I believe that any teacher could use this for their teaching pratice. The video shows a new age form for students to learn. Not only are these students learning global issues they are learning much more. The students are learning how to use various types of software, but they are learning life skills with team work. Any teacher who would implement this in a classroom enviroment would be very beneficial to their students http://www.edutopia.org/digital-generation-profile-nafiza-video

Monday, January 18, 2010

T4T Blogging helps childern with learning and writing

The video was about young students using blogging for a means to learn. The students learn how to spell and write better because of blogging. The take away that one could get from this video is that young students can learn in more then one way even if it's a non traditional method of teaching. Blogging is a new way to teach the youth writing skills and spelling skills in a unique way, which might be more appealing to young students. The ideas that one could put into their own teaching pratice from this video is to try blogging as a means to help young students with their spelling and writing skills. Using this type of technique is very appealing to young students which can help them learn spelling and writing at quicker pace then the normal method of teaching spelling and writing.

T4T Cameron a child genius

The video was about a gifted young student named Cameron who inspires people around him with his natural gift with computers. One might think that one could get out of watching this video with Cameron is that not only can a student learn from a teacher, but the teacher can learn from the student as well. In Cameron's case, he is so gifted with computers he can teach a teacher some new things. The video can relate to one's life because we all have our own gifts and if we discover that at a young age we can reach our full potential at those things. The ideas that a teacher can get from this video is to learn from a student. Teachers need to listen and guide a student but at the same time learn from them.

T4T Bio

My name is Philip Craig and I grew up in Kansas but moved to Oklahoma when I was 19. Some goals of mine as a educator is to change the lives of students who I will one day teach. I would like to teach history or even science. I want to go into to this profession because my aunt has been a school teacher for twenty two years and she has inspire me to do so. It is not everyday a person has the opportunity to control the future by educating the young. It would be a tremendous priviledge to one day be an educator.